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PilotOutlook is the largest online community of Pilots, Aviation Industry
      Professionals and Aviation Enthusiasts. It is also an authoritative resource on
      pilot training, licenses, aircrafts, airports and flight schools.
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PilotOutlook for Developers


Welcome PilotOutlook Developers! PilotOutlook is a one stop shop to meet all the pilot training needs. It is also the largest repository of airports, aircrafts, flying clubs and training material on the internet.

Getting Started

We've made many tools available to developers. Follow the steps below to start building your first application:
  1. Check out the documentation
  2. Sign up for a user account
  3. Get an account key
  4. Build your first application and let us know (We will add to our application gallery)

About the PilotOutlook API

The PilotOutlook API allows you to add data about airports to your application utilizing the following library from the PilotOutlook API:

  1. AirportInfo: Allows you to get the information like geographical location information, longitude and latitude etc:
    1. IATA Code
    2. Landing Facility Type - Airport, Heliport etc
    3. Latitude
    4. Longitude
    5. Elevation in Foot MSL
    6. Magnetic Variation and Direction
    7. PilotOutlook URL for more information
  2. AircraftLookup: Allows you to get the information about an Aircraft (FAA registered only) like manufacturer name, model information etc:
    1. N Number
    2. Manufacturing Year
    3. Aircraft Type - Balloon, Rotorcraft, Fixed Wing Single Engine etc
    4. Engine Type - Reciprocating, Turbo-prop, Jet etc
    5. Transponder Code
    6. Manufacturer Name
    7. Model Name
    8. Category - Land, Sea, Amphibian
    9. Builder Certification - Type certified, Light Sport, Not Type Certified
    10. Number of Engines
    11. Number of Seats
    12. Weight
    13. Cruising Speed (in Knots)
    14. PilotOutlook URL for more information

Request Limit

We limit the number of requests so we can manage demand for the service to deliver the best performance. We are happy to increase this. If you'd like a higher call limit, please email us at pilotoutlook@gmail.com

  1. Limit calls to 1,000 per day, per API key
  2. Limit queries to 2 per second, per API key

Terms of Use

PilotOutlook provides this API for non-commercial use, by applying and receiving an API Key you are agreeing to the PilotOutlook API Terms of Use. In addition, all websites and applications that present data from the PilotOutlook API must adhere to the Attribution Guidelines which includes among other things that you display a "Powered by PilotOutlook.com" logo on your site or application. Please review the Attribution Guidelines to see all details.

About the Data in this API

The data available through the PilotOutlook API is derived from numerous international sources of information. Although PilotOutlook attempts to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, it does not represent, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the data (more at Terms of Use). We will be adding more data into the API into the future, if there is something you'd like to see then let us know by emailing us at rajat AT pilotoutlook DOT com.

Partner sites: Shimply.com