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Find a Training Aircraft


Given that there are more aircraft manufacturer's than cars, it can be rather difficult to pick the right aircraft. However, the process of determining the best training aircraft remains the same in all cases:

  1. Cost of training aircraft: As you will fly this aircraft for 50+ hours for your private pilot training alone, a mere $20/hr difference will cost $1000 at the end.

  2. Purpose of training: As planes have different characteristics and complexities, aircrafts like Cessna 152/172 are good for basic flight training compared to PA-28, which is suitable for instrument training.

  3. Personal and instructor preference: You may prefer Cessna 172 over 152 due to larger capacity and power, Diamond D20 due to low fixed wings instead of high wings etc. Good instructors have experience in all sort of aircrafts and usually flexible in training students in the aircraft if their choice. However, always LISTEN to your instructor :-)
Based on a poll on best training aircraft (Flightaware discussion forum), Cessna 172 received 41% votes.

Another old thread can be found at PPRune discussion forums

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